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What is Pulsation?

  • Sonic brush movement that pulsates at 10,000x/min in a 3D motion
  • Unlike oscillation, it does not pinch and pull on your skin
  • Brushhead does not simply rotate like spinning brushes
  • Applies sonic micro-pulses to your skin to gently break away makeup, dirt and oil
  • Leaves your skin feeling and looking smoother
  • Increases the absorption of your favorite cleansing products
german engineered: designed to cleanse better than manual cleansing

LED blue light therapy

P. acnes, the bacteria responsible for causing acne inflammation, pumps out tiny molecules called porphyrins. When those porphyrins are exposed to certain wavelengths of light, they produce free radicals that kill the bacteria. Without P. acnes around to cause inflammation, acne clears up. Dermatologists often recommend blue light therapy for acne.

LED red light therapy

pulsaderm LED Red is a handheld device that employs NASA® developed light therapy technology: a non-invasive, low-level, non-thermal light energy that activates skin cells. The device employs wavelength at optimal power intensity that is medically proven to be effective in addressing skin problems associated with aging and sun damage. Red light therapy is often recommended by Dermatologists.