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Pulsaderm Buddy

  • 2-Speed Pulsating Brush
    Normal: for sensitive or regular skin 
    High: high-speed pulsation for cleansing tougher skin on your body 
  • AC Adapter and USB attachment
  • 2 Interchangeable Brush Heads
    Regular / Sensitive
  • Cosmetic Bag for Storage and Travel
  • 1-year warranty



Product Features:

  • Brush Head: 2 replaceable brush heads with a concave form to maximize skin cleansing
  • Handle: ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable fit
  • On/Off Buttons: turn the brush on/off
  • AC and USB Charging: quick and easy recharging via AC or an USB adapter
  • Water Resistant: designed for use in the shower
  • Concave Brush Head: to cleanse those hard to reach contours around your nose, eyes and mouth without splashing


  • Dampen your face and brush head before use
  • Apply favorite cleansing product to your face
  • Choose the appropriate speed of the brush and gently apply to your face
  • Move around your face as desired avoiding the sensitive under eye area
  • The pulsaderm may also be used on the neck area and décolleté
Warning: Avoid direct contact with the eye and under eye area. If irritation occurs discontinue use. This product may increase skin exfoliation and cause increased sensitivity to the sun. Always wear sunscreen when in contact with direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

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Product Reviews

  1. in depth review after using it for 2 months 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 23rd 2015

    I am writing the kind of review I would've liked to find when I didn't know if it would be a waste of money or if I should invest a little more and get the Clarisonic.
    I am 29 years old,I have combination type skin, I never considered myself as having sensitive skin, I never had horrible acne, just an occasional hormone-related breakout, but lots of ugly blackheads. I used everything from professional facials every 2 weeks, biore strips, masks, Retin-A, and Benzoyl Peroxide, to tea tree oil. Those things did help but I still didn't feel comfortable having a close-up photo taken.
    I bought the Pulsaderm Buddy 2 months ago. I started using the "sensitive skin brush" even though I don't think I have sensitive skin. From the first time I used it, it was like magic. I couldn't stop touching my skin because it felt so smooth. I use it once a day, on the slow speed and in the end use the high speed a couple of seconds on the problem areas (nose and chin).
    On the third day, my skin started peeling off. After two months of using just Pulsaderm Buddy with a regular non-fancy acne wash and Retin-A at night (which I have been using for almost a year), I'm super happy with my skin. People tell me I have pretty skin and I don't feel the need to use make-up. Yes, I have to use moisturizer twice a day to prevent the peeling off, and even that way I get it every once in a while (when I overuse the Buddy, I guess), but it's worth it. The blackheads didn't disappear completely, but I would say I have a 90% improvement, which is a lot, and I don't think that any human can say they don't have a single clogged pore. My dermatologist said she isn't sure that exfoliating everyday is good because it removes the skin's natural barrier, but I don't see the need for that barrier... I do feel like my skin is more sensitive to sunlight, but I started carrying sunblock in my purse and reapply every 3 - 4 hours (like everyone should).
    I cannot compare with the Clarisonic because I never used one, but this one changed my life. I just think I'll have to use the sensitive skin brush even though I have normal skin, so I don't know how it would work for people with sensitive skin, but I'm super happy with my purchase.
    Hope it helps.

  2. Not much difference 3 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 19th 2015

    It can make the skin feel smooth but the dirt in the pore still cannot be removed.

  3. Love the product so far 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 7th 2014

    I really can't comment too much on it since this is my first brush that I have used. I do feel a difference in my skin after using the brush though. My skin looks and feels much cleaner and brighter.

  4. Love how my skin feels 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 10th 2014

    I use this daily on my face & I love how clean my skin feels. I greatly feel this product has helped my skin.