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Pulsaderm ACE


Product Description

The Pulsaderm A.C.E. is intended to emit energy in the red and blue region of the spectrum, specifically indicated to treat mild to moderate acne on the face.

Warranty Information

We offer a 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee on our sonic cleansing, light therapy and infusion devices. If you purchased your Pulsaderm device from an authorized dealer and you are dissatisfied for any reason, please contact Pulsaderm Customer Care at 1-877-474-4038 or info@pulsaderm.com to make arrangements for the return.

Product Reviews

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  1. ACE- It really works! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 1st 2017

    let me start with letting you know that I have tried just about every thing every created for Acne. Most burn my skin or cause me to break out even more. I break out when I am stressed or am in full on junk food mode ( which is most of the time). Anyway, I was in the midst of finals week, and a HUGE zit starts up on my chin, you know that red raised bump that hurts like the dickens. I freaked! I remembered my Mom getting this for me and though what the heck. I rummaged thru my stuff and finally found it. Easy to put the batteries in - didn't need directions for that. Looked a the picture on the box. Put the thingy on my breakout, hit the button. It ran for a few minutes then turned off. I was bummed , because that huge bump was still red and still there. time for directions. Ok, I can use it 3 x in same day- great! Used it 3 x in a row. I felt the light heat from the lights, but that was it. After the 3rd time when the light went off ("treatment is done") I looked in the mirror- heck it is still there- major bummer! I went back to studying for 2 or 3 hours. Time for shut eye. I was brushing my teeth, and looked a the horrible red bump- guess what? It was not so red any more, and it looked smaller. Seriously- ok cool. Woke up from my little finals week nap (4 hours later) brushed my teeth, and SHAZAM! No more red, no more pain, a much much smaller bump under my skin! AMAZING! My ACE sits right in my side pocket now of my back pack, and anytime I feel a bump coming up- I zap it with my ACE.