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The Gentle Art of Power Packing

Posted by on Feb 4th 2015

I’m a road warrior.

Between book tours, teaching or traveling to writer’s conferences, I’m on the road up to 60 days a year – so much that it’s not unheard-of for me to hug my kids, transfer my essentials from one suitcase to another, and head out again.

The reality of my life right now is that when I’m with my family, I build extra hours into the day, and still time away is hard on all of us. One of the best things I can do for them is to take good care of myself.

What goes in my necessary bag has to be truly necessary – and functional. Vitamins and C powder go in first. Next comes a Conair Mini cordless curling iron and GoToob flexible travel bottles, which neither leak or crack, filled with the go-to lotions and shampoos I know really work.

And now, I wouldn’t leave home without my Pulsaderm Buddy.

The road really takes it out of your skin. No matter how exciting or fulfilling it is to be with readers or with students, travel is tiring, and tired shows up on your skin. The road is not home, and home is where you leave your routine and solid sleep pattern. Leaving midwinter in Massachusetts for a conference in a suncoast setting sounds like the easy life, but it’s hard on the only face I have.

As a portable, rechargeable sonic cleansing tool with interchangeable brush heads, Pulsaderm Buddy helps me keep my skin clean. And clean skin is smooth, strong skin when you’re putting on makeup and taking it off, sleeping on trains and airplanes, and generally subjecting your skin to extremes of dryness, heat, and air conditioning. With my Buddy and a good cleanser, I soothe my skin so it doesn’t get into a temper, leaving me with breakouts or dry patches.

I’m convinced that this routine takes miles off my skin, no matter how many miles I’ve put on. Nothing betrays you more than stressed-out skin, and nothing makes a person look better than fresh, supple skin.

It would be impossible to carry out the same skin care regimen I rely on at home living out of a 20-inch suitcase if the Pulsaderm Buddy wasn’t so small and powerful. All the makeup and cosmetics I need must fit in a clear plastic bag: the Pulsaderm Buddy, my curling iron and all the rest fit in a 7-by-7 cloth makeup case.

Can you really pack enough for a three-day trip, during which you have to look good in public, in such a small space? Indeed you can.

Along with good skin care, here’s my best packing secret. Don’t roll your clothes. It’s a common belief that rolling garments helps a traveler fit things more snugly. Not true! Do this instead: place your necessary bags with all the things you’ll need right in the middle of the bottom of your suitcase. Add your shoes. On top of this, place a middle-sized plastic trash bag (this will be your laundry bag). Then arrange your clothing around the edges, with your shirts, pants, skirts, and pajamas draped half-in, half-out of the suitcase like the petals of a flower

When everything you need is in, take half of it out. Yes, you can! If you’ve ever brought clean clothing home (and you know you have) you can do it!

Then, when everything is really in, simply fold the draped clothing in over the shoes and necessary bags in the middle, as if the petals of the flower were closing. Miraculously, clothes will actually stay nicer, and everything will fit.

You’ll travel fine, with a suitcase light enough to carry, and everything you need to shine.

Pulsaderm Buddy