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Let’s Face it: Good Skincare Can Be Expensive

Posted by on Feb 23rd 2015

Unless you’re one of those people for whom money is no object (or you have an HRH in front of your name), good skin care is one expense that can make you sigh. It can make you sigh, and think of good reasons to deny yourself.

We all know that the quality of the products we use on our faces do make a difference in the texture and appearance of the skin, its susceptibility to fine lines and dry spots, and even the ease of using makeup.

Slapping on a little cold cream, as our grandmothers did, isn’t enough in these days of air pollution, business travel, late nights, and the stress of managing a work and personal life. And yet, it’s understandably hard to part with the cost of good products. I mean, think about one ounce – often the size that creams come in. It’s the weight of a CD, the contents of a shot glass. In other words, it’s little. Paying more than $50 for a face cream or cleanser in a one-ounce size is sobering; but it’s something we’re willing to do if it works.

When I was given the Pulsaderm Buddy, I honestly wasn’t sure it was going to work. I was accustomed to washing my face with my hands or a clean washcloth. Frankly, I didn’t see how the trouble it took to charge, rinse, and use this little hand-held sonic cleansing washer could make a difference. Years ago, I hadn’t been able to believe what a difference using an electric toothbrush (even on the road) could be. That made a huge difference in my dental health and the appearance of my teeth that I would now never travel without a portable electric toothbrush.

I’d agreed to try it, and give my honest opinion.

As it turns out, the Pulsaderm Buddy really did have a huge effect – at least on this midlife face. After a few weeks, I perceived my skin as smoother, deep-down clean, and with a more even tone. I wouldn’t have necessarily believed my own opinion, but one of my grown children asked if I’d had a facial.

Many expensive parts of a skin-care regimen do work, if you’re able and willing to afford them.

But one of the plusses of the Pulsaderm Buddy is that it really is affordable as well as useful. When “bundled” with one tube of the cleanser created to work with it, costs $69. Now, $69 is indeed a good bit of money! However, this face-washing tool – which, with alternate brush heads, can actually be used on other parts of the body too, in the shower – isn’t going to get “used up” anytime soon. It’s easily re-charged, and, with its cord and brush attachments, fits in a bag no bigger than a woman’s wallet. It now goes with me, just like my cordless curling iron and my electric toothbrush, wherever in the world I go.

I glanced around the Web at alternatives to the Pulsaderm Buddy. There are several, and they’re very nice. But the next closest one in price was $30 more.

For me at least, $30 is a very nice dinner at a good restaurant, a salon pedicure, four movie tickets, a gym session with a trainer at the local Y, a new pair shoes on sale or (best of all to me) one hardcover book and one paperback! Not a trivial savings.

You could pay more for that improved skin tone, help in banishing blemishes, and that deep clean feeling I’ve come to rely on. But, let’s face it… why would you?