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How to Take Care of Skin With Large Pores & Oil

Posted by on January 06, 2015

Excessively oily skin and enlarged pores usually go together. These skin conditions can make your skin appear dull and greasy, due to the excess oil. There's no need to fret if you have these conditions, as there are ways you could prevent and treat oily large-pored skin. All you need to know is how to take care of your face for a healthier skin.

The Causes of Large Pores and Oily Skin

You may be wondering what causes oily porous skin. Well, large pores could be a result of genes or aging. As you age, your pores dilate due to its loss in elasticity. Your skin could also be inclined towards oiliness if you are genetically predisposed to it, say if your parents have had it. Also, as you age and your hormone levels change, it could cause your skin to produce an excess of oil.

Prevention Measures

Maintaining an effective skin care program is of utmost importance if you want to minimize huge pores and eliminate excessive oiliness. Be sure to wash your face twice daily. This will help remove excess grime and oil. You should also strive to wear a sunscreen daily, as sun damage is one of the culprits behind large pores.

How to Take Care of Your Face with the Proper Habits

You could easily address these conditions with several methods. One of them is to purchase a moisturizer that minimizes pores, and apply it to your face before you apply your make-up. This is a topical treatment, but works well. You should also be careful of over exfoliation, as this could irritate your skin and promote the over-production of oils. Be sure to exfoliate no more than twice per week.

Another super and effective way of gently deep cleansing your skin is to use sonic technology products such as the Pulsaderm facial cleansing brush. Want to know how this product makes your skin healthier? Well, have you ever had a facial? If you have, you will recall how wonderfully soft, smooth and clean your face felt afterwards. The Pulsaderm has a similar effect and you will feel like you've just returned from a salon when you're done using it. This brush pulsates at three speeds and comprises three bristle brush heads that are replaceable. It utilizes sonic movement and pulsates in an oblong circular movement, as opposed to a plain circular movement.

You'll find it super comfortable, as it's conveniently designed so it does not pull or pinch your skin. It's also extremely gentle on your skin and gently eradicates impurities, excessive dirt and oil. It also exfoliates, so if you're using this product, there's no need for any other weekly exfoliation. The exfoliation here will help rid your skin of dead cells, which will give your skin a radiant glow. You will also be able to minimize blemishes if you use this brush.

This product is excellent when you need extra help on how to take care of your face, as it has three brush heads that are designed in a concave shape for better access to hard to reach places on your face such as your chin and nose. There are holes in the brush head caps, enabling the heads to effectively dry after each use. It fits perfectly into your hand, as it's ergonomic, which gives you better control.

You can also save time as it's water proof and you can use while you're in the shower. Watch those white heads disappear, your moisturizer glide on better, get absorbed more effectively and appear more natural. You can have vibrant looking skin in record time.

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