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How To Have Healthy Skin With A Clear Skin Diet

Posted by on Jan 23rd 2015

When considering how to have healthy skin, you need to focus on more than what you put on your face, you need to focus on what you put in your face. Yes, it is important to wash, treat and moisturize with a regime which is right for you. But this is not enough to have truly radiant skin. Beauty comes from the inside out. To always put your best face forward, check out these healthy options for a clear skin diet.

A Balanced Diet for Healthy Skin

It is important to have a healthy diet for overall skin health. A balance of fruits, leafy greens, protein, starch and some healthy fats will give you all the nutrients which your body needs to properly function. According to theMayo Clinic it is good to add antioxidant rich foods to your diet. These foods will help fight free radical damage which can result in the look of premature aging. Some of the foods suggested include:

  • Blueberries
  • Carrots
  • Nuts
  • Oranges
  • Salmon
  • Spinach
  • Tomato
  • Building Strong Skin

Getting proper vitamins is one of the best strategies for how to have healthy skin. Vitamin A is one vitamin which our bodies need whichcomes from our diet. Low fat dairy options are a wonderful source of Vitamin A. Research suggests you should look for yogurt as it has active cultures. Not only is this a vehicle for Vitamin A, but the good cultures will aid in digestive health. Add yogurt to your cereal in the morning or pack it as a healthy snack while at work.

Fighting Free Radicals

Bright beautiful berries are wonderful any time of day. These can be added to cereal or oatmeal on a cold morning, tossed into a salad for lunch, macerated and made into a sauce for dinner or sprinkled with a bit of honey for dessert. Along with being delicious, berries are high in antioxidants. These power foods fight free radicals, which are caused by internal and external stress such as UV rays, resulting in cell damage. Getting in a serving of berries is like sending in superheros to fight off premature aging and keep you radiant.

Good Fats

There is a lot of discussion over which fats are good for you. When looking into how to have healthy skin, fatty acids will help protect cell membranes. According to the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging in Boston, cell membranes act as barriers to harmful things and assist thepassage of nutrients and waste in and out of a cell. Foods such as salmon, nuts and flax seedmaintain these healthy barriers. Stronger barriers mean cells can hold hydration, resulting in radiant and plump skin.

Good Oil

As with fat, there has been a lot of discussion on oils. While we are not saying you should fry everything, there are some oils which are good for you. When looking for healthy options of oils look for ones labeled as cold pressed or extra virgin. These terms indicate less processing. For your next lunch, consider making a salad with salmon and blueberries, dusted with flax seed anddrizzled with cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil.

Good Carbs 

According to the team at Edinburgh University, selenium helps to decrease oxidative damage which comes from the sun's harmful rays. Foods such as whole wheat bread and cereals, turkey and tuna are healthy options for this dietary powerhouse. Additionally, these foods may help you feel more full and stave off cravings for sugar.

With these healthy options in mind you can use your diet, in combination with great cleansing and moisturizing techniques, to achieve the radiant skin which you want and you deserve. 

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