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Fresh Face: Top Ten Reasons to Exfoliate

Posted by on Feb 4th 2015

I use the exfoliating brush head on my Pulsaderm Buddy a couple of times a week to exfoliate my skin, and I’ve probably never given my face a better gift.

This is actually something relatively new for me. Despite always maintaining good skin care(good skin is a vanity for me, I’m not ashamed to admit) such as ensuring I never go to bed without washing my face, I never really got the importance of exfoliating until a few years ago. I was annoyed by some minor midlife acne and wanted to find a solution. I was way too old for acne! Still, it persisted. Even using various kinds of grains didn’t really have a lasting effect. My skin didn’t really seem refreshed, but instead felt alternately stripped or greasy.

Some months later, I asked my daughter’s dermatologist what I was missing. She said that it was better to get down below the surface, rather than spackling on creams and cure-alls.

I started with using a mild form of chemical exfoliation, but mild was not the answer for me. Then I was given the Pulsaderm Buddy in a promotion and began using it as part of my regular skin care. Eventually, I tried the exfoliating brush head – one of a whole host of brush heads that can be used alongside the regular sonic cleansing brush head.

Soon those mild breakouts were history.

But perhaps even more importantly, I noticed how much brighter my skin looked overall.

So instead of using an exfoliating process simply as a troubleshooter, I incorporated it into my ordinary weekly skin care routine. The breakouts never did return, but the benefits seem to go beyond that, leaving me with skin that just seems to have a nicer tone. I’m not a dermatologist, but I know what feels right, and this new routine has brought me extremely positive results since I started. I also know that I’m teaching my teenage daughters the importance of exfoliating as part of a regular skin cleansing regimen so they won’t have to discover it when they’re my age.

Why does exfoliation matter? Here’s what my daughter’s dermatologist and the local esthetician told me:

1. Skin is constantly dying and replacing itself, more slowly as we age. Exfoliation gets rid of dead skin cells that make your face look and feel dull.

2. Exfoliating and toning are surefire ways to help with a small breakout of blemishes, no medication required

3. Skin that’s been exfoliated can have an prettier, more even tone

4. Some experts say that exfoliating actually stimulates the skin to produce collagen, leading to firmer, fresher skin surface

5. Makeup goes on better when your skin is clean and the surface is soft

6. Exfoliating oily or combination skin can diminish the appearance of visible pores. It stands to reason that getting rid of dead skin cells removes the excess oil and dirt that blocks pores

7. It’s something our grandmothers said, but it’s probably true: stimulating the surface of the skin, as I do when I exfoliate with the gentle rhythm of the Pulsaderm Buddy, just makes it look better

8. Some skin experts say that exfoliation is a basic front-line defense against the appearance of fine lines

9. You can’t get rid of all kinds of discoloration or “spots” from sun damage, but freshening the epidermis with exfoliation can help

10. Dry skin seems to accept hydration more readily when you exfoliate, because moisturizing products work better and go deeper

Any one of these reasons would be a good reason to turn this process – which takes no more time than flossing your teeth – into a habit. Two would be pretty compelling.

But ten benefits?

That’s just hard to ignore.

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