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Daily Face Care Essentials

Posted by on Jan 6th 2015

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Developing good daily face care habits can keep your skin looking healthy and radiant, keeping fine lines, wrinkles, acne and dullness at bay. The more you take care of your skin, with a daily routine, the less you need to cover with heavy makeup and caked on powder.

Think about a daily face care routine as something similar to what you would do for your teeth. You floss, brush, mouthwash and whiten. This is four steps, which may take less than ten minutes to complete. Skin care is the same way. When people think about a face care routine they may be overwhelmed at the number of steps, but if you think about it like taking care of your teeth, it is not such a bold undertaking.

Step One: Cleaning Your Skin

Cleaning your face properly is like starting with a fresh canvas for a painting. Depending on your skin type, choose a wash which is right for you. If you have dry skin, look for something like a milk, which is moisturizing. If you have oily skin, look for something with clay or salicylic acid to wick away excess oil. If you have sensitive skin, look for something with rose water or aloe to calm the skin.

Once you have found a cleanser, it is important to apply it properly. You wouldn't use just your hands to wash dishes, why do you use just your hands to wash your face? A facial brush ramps up the power of your cleaner and helps remove dirt and oil even better. A pulsating brush has a head which moves 10,000 times a minute in 3D rotation can really take your skin care to the next level. This pulsation helps to loosen any makeup, dirt or oil from the skin. Cleaner skin results in greater radiance as your moisturizer can work better, skin can breathe and there is no dulling residue left behind. This one little tool can give you more great skin days.

Step Two: Prevention

Before applying moisturizer or sunscreen it is important to treat any face care concerns. This is the time to apply serums or acne treatments. You want these products to go deep into the skin, to get down under the surface layer and really to work. Serums are designed to stop free radical damage, to enhance moisture retention, to remove dark spots, to increase cell turnover and to brighten dull skin. Acne treatments are designed to go deep into the skin and kill bacteria which can cause painful breakouts.

To increase the power of acne treatments and serums, some people turn to light therapy. LED technology has been shown to help with aging, sun damage and acne. Spending a few extra minutes in the morning or night treating your skin can result in a healthy glow that carries you through the day.

Step Three: Moisturize

After your skin has been cleaned and preventive or repair products have been applied, it is time to moisturize. Even oily skin needs hydration. Choose a moisturizer right for your skin type. The right product will leave you feeling soft all day.

Step Four: Protection

Sunscreen is a must have to complete any face care routine. SPF comes in lotions or can be found in makeup. Sunscreen not only protects against skin cancer, but it helps prevent signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles and spots.

Following a proper face care regimen will give you the healthy glow you deserve. Just ten minutes in the morning and at night is all you need to put your best face forward.

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