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A Face to Face the World

Posted by on Jan 6th 2015

My last novel for adults, ‘Second Nature: A Love Story,’ was about a young woman whose face was damaged in a fire, and who considered a face transplant. Part of writing that story was a great deal of research into the almost mystical importance of faces in human life, and how they’re associated, somehow, with our very being. After interviewing doctors and psychologists, I learned that not everyone has to be gorgeous, but that “putting a good face on it” is more than an old saying.

People respect the effort to meet the world with the best possible face.

I have good skin. One of the first things people say to me is NOT, oh, how do you manage to keep so fit? They say, you have beautiful skin. Part of that comes from simple good health habits – avoiding cigarettes and sun exposure, getting lots of water and as much rest as I can. But much of it comes from a cleansing routine, five minutes morning and night, that I’ve followed since I was 16, even though many things get in the way.

What gets in the way? Travel.

Lately, that seems to be all the time, lecturing, on book tours, or teaching. Your skin routine can falter when you travel, and that’s why I was so interested in the Pulsaderm Buddy. It’s a palm-sized, packable, powerful little rotating cleansing brush that uses sonic technology to really wash the road off your face. And that matters, especially when you’re going into a setting where you need to “face the world” with special confidence, and look as though you just stepped out of a salon – instead of a taxi!

What gets in the way? Lots of responsibility for other people.

Beautiful skin that has an even tone and is free of blemishes comes more from diligence than it does from the best work of a dermatologist, although a great dermatologist is a really terrific thing. In my experience, the Pulsaderm Buddy makes diligence easy. I’m not going to spend a half hour every night on my skin, even though I admit it is my one vanity. Busy women, and I’m one, are simply too busy and too tired at the end of a day spent working outside the home, caring for kids or older relatives, and trying to squeeze in some time for reading or personal enjoyment to treat their skin care as a second job. The less time for the greatest results means the most potential for success.

What gets in the way? Getting older.

I’m glad I started my cleansing routine young. That doesn’t mean I haven’t seen plenty of people make changes in middle age, some of them using new technology, such as the Pulsaderm, and new knowledge, to experience a real improvement in the tone and texture of their skin. I haven’t had any “work” done on my face, but I may get more of those compliments than many of my peers who have had a tuck or two. “Tight” skin is not the same as “good” skin. As you get older, exfoliation gets more important, and it’s easier to accomplish with sonic technology. To my way of thinking, a good cleansing that gets rid of dead skin and impurities also gets rid of the need for a whole bunch of products to cart around.

No matter how busy, or tired (or middle aged!) I get, I’m going to make time for the small ritual that has led to big payoffs in how I look and feel. After all, what introduces me to people before I ever open my mouth? My face. It’s how I face the world.

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